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Honduras Missions

August, 2015

We visited La Ceiba, HN where we accomplished the following while providing the following free services:   

· With the help of Total Health Clinic, we served the community of La Ceiba, as well as neighboring cities. 

· Donated medications and other hospital supplies to Total Health Clinic 

· Vital signs check and Diabetes Education 

· Personal Hygiene Education 

· Ministration to several groups  

Malaria Awareness Project

August, 2014

 We visited Okobaba Destitute Community in Ebutemeta, Lagos Nigeria and accomplished the following while providing free services to 3000 residents:  

· With the help of Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, and Neuropsychiatric Hospital, we were able to work with a total of 64 volunteers which consisted of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, med lab scientists, and others. 

· Health screening and assessment, as well as Malaria Education. 

· Personal and Environmental Hygiene Education 

· Physician consultation 

· Free prescription medications 

· Fixing of water system which included changing out the pumping machine and installing a water filtration system, donated by Convoy of Hope.  

· Engaged with the destitute community and prayed with residents who were waiting to be seen.  

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Malaria Awareness Project


Mohammed Baba, Okobaba Community Spokesperson

Mr Mohammed Baba is a 74 year old resident at Okobaba Destitute Home in Lagos, Nigeria. During our interaction with him, at the Malaria Awareness Outreach, he said most of the members of the community do not have access to effective and quality healthcare because they were being discriminated against. Since the inception of this Home, no one had ever come to offer free healthcare services to them. He was very grateful to Divine Missions Health Center for the wonderful opportunity to positively affect their community. Furthermore, he said the free healthcare services would save them a lot of time and money spent on trying to get access to healthcare. "I want to thank Divine Missions Health Center and all the volunteers for reaching out to our community which is being neglected. I pray God will grant you all your heart desires."

Idris Bello, Okobaba Resident

Idris Bello, a 48 year old resident and supervisor of the water system in the community was excited to see the VP of Community projects along with a volunteers. He thanked Divine Missions Health Center for providing them with a new water system, as this helps them save time and money spent in trying to get good water for domestic use. He also testified to feeling better after using the medication provided during the Malaria Awareness Outreach.

Maduka Chidinma, Volunteer Medical Lab Scientist

"I've always loved to care for the needy and less privileged in the society. I volunteered so that I can be a vessel of blessing, hope, and healing to this community. I saw the smiles on the faces of the participants, especially the kids as a 'Thank you' and was moved to tears."

Fadi Suleiman, Okobaba Resident

Fadi Suleiman is a 48 year old resident at Okobaba. She was very excited as she played with her daughter. She said she was worried when her daughter fell sick because she did not have enough money and was also weak; she could not take her to the hospital. "God answered my prayers and wiped my tears away by bringing Divine Missions Health Center to treat us."

Joacquim Tokunbo, Volunteer Resident Pediatrician

"Attending to the health needs of children and making them feel better is my lifelong goal and thanks to Divine Missions Health Center for giving me the opportunity to reach out to them."

Abdullah Mohammed, Okobaba Resident

Abdullah Mohammed is a 75 year old resident and chairperson for the leprosy unit of the community. He was very grateful to Divine Missions Health Center for the medical outreach. He said, "The drugs given to me during the outreach makes me feel stronger and better now. Thank you DMHC."